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water wall tanks: water catchment

Water Wall Tanks help capture and store a significant amount of rainwater for use in your garden or home without losing valuable space. The Waterwall Fatboy tank has an excellent size-to-capacity ratio, holding 650 gallons whilst being just over two feet wide.

Made from UV stabilised high density polyethylene will ensure no light can initiate algae growth inside the tanks.

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    Although rain barrels do not store as much water, they are also very useful in collecting water. I recently got one to save water from EarthMinded and it works great. It holds about 60 gallons. You can lock the opening lid if you want to, which is great cause it keeps out mosquitoes etc.

    With the water I collect, I water my plants, wash my car, my dog :) It’s great.

    You can get them from their website (http://earthminded.com)

    Comment by Adam | 09.09.10

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