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wall garden planters: top 10 vertical garden designs

Vertical Gardens save space, save water and look great. So here are 10 of the best designs or designers creating them out there. There is nothing like living plant material to spruce up a wall. Feel free to leave comments if you know of other great wall or vertical concepts that were left out.

In order of appearance they are: Phytopods from Vertical Home Gardens, A DIY guide for vertical garden from Michelle Kaufmann, Vertical Garden Hack- from fabric pocket shoe storageFlora Frame- plants on walls, Jill Bert's home made version of wall garden, Wooly Pockets-soft hanging garden goodness, Flora Grubb Tillandsia-Vertical Air Plants, G-Sky garden walls and roofs, Nigel Edmundson-vertical ceramic planters, Patrick Blanc's-Vertical Garden Living Walls around the world & Living Pictures by Succulent Gardens-Castroville California.

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    I love these ideas. This reminds me of my cousin’s business, Root Pouch, that’s based out of Oregon. You should check them out. http://rootpouch.com/

    Love looking at your site and have been a long time follower. Thanks!

    Comment by Anna | 08.27.10

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