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virieu godefroy: garden design

Virieu Godefroy created the 'plant matrix' in collaboration with the cooperative basketry Villaines-les-Rochers, designer Godefroy discovered the wicker material that stays alive a when cut. When braiding is conducted between late November and March, the "matrix" is ready to receive a good potting soil and watering. After a month shoots sprout and become covered with leaves. A  that celebrates the traditional techniques, and creates a bio-object design where only the material to life and nature is present.

BagSac is another collaborative project born from the encounter between Virieu Godefroy, Louis Fleurieu Desurmont and Virgil. Together, they sought an alternative solution to the constraints of constructing a roof terrace in their town: the difficulty of transport, excess weight, etc... Creating a lighter more mobile planter at a lower cost.

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