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verana: luxury eco resort

Verana is an intimate boutique hotel on Mexico's Pacific coast. Tucked in a remote hillside jungle just thirty miles south of Puerto Vallarta and accessible only by boat, Verana boasts luxury private accommodations with a backdrop of stunning water and mountain views.

Arriving by private pier you're led to the full-service jungle spa, the first of the hotel's two restaurants ad then it's a 15-minute hike through the jungle, up winding stone steps to the hotel.

Verana's nine individually-designed villas dotting the hillside combine the traditional architecture with modern design, with indoor/outdoor living. The hotel's lush natural surroundings make it effortless to relax.

Dramatic views overlooking the bay from the hotel's second restaurant and spa location.

A spring water pool with 180-degree views of the mountains and ocean, spa treatments, yoga classes, kayaking, whale and bird watching excursions, starlit baths (as good as it sounds, lit only by the heavens and candlelight) and the like. The nearby town of Yelapa is just a twenty minute hike away, with a long, lovely beach and a local celebrity of sorts—"the cake lady" who walks up and down the beach carrying delicious cakes and pies on her head for sale. Plan accordingly though, the trail between Yelapa and Verana is impassible when the tide is in.

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