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urnatur: swedish eco tourism

Urnatur translating to 'essence of nature', is a Swedish forest getaway, where visitors can stay in cabins and spend time reconnecting with nature. The unique hand-crafted cottages and tree-houses are located in the Swedish Holaved Forest, and work in harmony with their surrounding environment.

UrNatur opened the doors to the wood hermitage in 2007. 6-15 guests can fit in the hermitage and can occupy six cabins. Only the conference hall and the tin castle, has access to electricity. UrNatur is perfect for day-long workshops, seminaries, lectures and other activities.

Forester Håkan Strotz and Biologist and Designer Ulrika Krynitz, bought the small farm Sjögetorp in 1993. Håkan worked as a teacher at Omberg’s Nature School, while Ulrika founded a textile design company 'Qualle' in 1999. during many summers they organized a handcraft festival called 'ragnarök'. with strong shared interests in design and crafts, but also nature, ethno-biology, self-sustainability and cooking, the UrNatur project slowly took form.

The owners wanted to be able to offer a fantastic experience - similar to those of our parent’s generation - for city people who spend too much time far from nature. Houses are built from the storm-felled trees and are designed and built from scratch by Håkan.

Guests cook on an open fire and a single 12 volt lamp is powered by solar cells on top of the bath house roof.

All food offered at UrNatur is local, wild crafted or home grown. The bath house is the largest of all the houses, it contains a wood fired sauna, which heats two generous wash rooms.

via designboom, video from the Anthropologist via Kristin

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    This is incredible! I can only dream of visiting it now, I wish there someplace like this in the states!

    Comment by Liz | 02.09.11

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