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urban timber: san diego

San Diego Urban Timber is a design/build studio and woodshop specializing in reclaimed locally harvested wood material, formed into unique furniture and serving pieces.

The wood originates from within San Diego County. The majority is harvested by Urban Timber themselves, typically from urban settings, and then milled and dried in a solar kiln. In addition to being local and sustainable, the material has unique character that is unlike the more traditional furniture woods. Bold colors and figuration, as well as non-structural checks and knots, combine to create vibrant and visually exciting surfaces. Many slabs also have unusual shapes and live edges that can contribute to the individual look of furniture and cutting boards.

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    Invites good energy vibes at home. These furnitures are well designed! Thanks for having a good picture of your ideas. =)

    Comment by Zara | 03.04.11

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