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tres birds: 21+ prefab structure

Tres Birds workshop has designed and engineered a building for you. The 21+ is a modular structure that is available for purchase through tres birds workshop design/build.

-the intention of this structure is to provide an inexpensive dwelling/work space for North Americans.

-the structure’s materiality and energy engineering result in a space that makes more energy then it consumes.

-the unique structural engineering of the building allows for varied placement conditions; it may be settled onto cleared land, atop an existing building, connected to an abandoned foundation, intergrated into urban voids.

-the structure is modular in both construction and deconstruction, allowing this building to become a temporary dwelling in a location to be developed in the future.

-all building materials are American made.


-beetle kill lodge pole pine wood (main frames,interior)

-structurally integrated panels (exterior structural wall system)

-galv-alum t-panels (exterior cladding, roof)

-low-e insulated glazing

energy engineering:

-each proposed site will be analyzed for sun / weather conditions and the 21+ window apertures will be adjusted for peak annual heating and cooling loads for that particular region.

-roof mounted photovoltaic panel array will provide 120% of annual electric energy consumption of the 21+. excess energy can then be used for electric car recharge, carbon offset credit, or cash back from regional energy provider..

-thermal infiltration is limited by the 10inch foam exterior walls and the siting/architecture.

-heating is provided by in floor radiant panels.

-cooling is provided through evaporative cooling system.


$140k with no future energy bills

create CHANGE while investing in America: order your 21+ today


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