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treehotel: harads sweden

Set amongst Sweden’s dense 140 year old Northern boreal forest are seven futuristic structures that that are Treehotel, an innovative project by husband and wife team Britta Jonsson-Lindvall and Kent Lindvall. Treehotel was inspired by Swedish indie director Jonas Selberg Augustsén’s 2008 eco-documentary Trädälskaren-the Tree Lover, which followed a group of friends who leave their mundane jobs and move to the woods, building their own tree house home.

The Lindvalls’ tree dwellings were designed by some of Sweden’s most cutting-edge architects, including Bertil Harström, Tham & Videgård, Sandell Sandberg, Inredningsruppen, Marge Architects and Cyren & Cyren. The seven micro dwellings include “The Bird’s Nest,” a circular pod covered in twisted branches, and “The Tree Sauna,” an elevated take on the steamy sauna of Scandinavia.

Each mini tree house is powered by sustainable electricity and is attached to its respective tree via a metal clamp that adjusts for tree growth rather than with screws and nails that would damage the trees. Treehotel lies approximately 60 km South of the Arctic circle in stillness and wilderness undisturbed.

Watch this Reuters Treehotel video.

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    Such beautiful designs. I love how they are free floating among the trees, thanks for sharing.

    Comment by NYC Interior Design | 11.30.10

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