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tour de coops boulder: yummy yards & lyons farmette

Laura Ruby, founder of Yummy Yards also organized the Tour de Coops in Boulder, Colorado to share the joy of keeping chickens at your urban homestead. Laura is a certified permaculture teacher and Colorado Master Gardener.

The address of each property on the tour is listed, as well as what each property has (chickens, edible gardens, bee hives, miniature dairy goats and/or an aquaponics system).  Pick the properties to visit that have the features you are most interested in seeing, or pack in the afternoon and visit them all!  The Tour is free and open to anyone and everyone, and families are encouraged to bring their children.

Ruby was teaching a permaculture certification class last March at The Lyons Farmette, a farm and “sustainability center” in Lyons owned by Betsy Burton and Mike Whipp. It was Burton’s work for Lyons’ own Tour de Coops last September that inspired Ruby to try the concept in Boulder.

“At first I wasn’t sure about finding people who had their own coops and goats and things,” says Ruby. “I went through a network of my clients, former clients and students. I found referrals in my own neighborhood; someone would mention hearing chickens in somebody’s yard, and other leads. It was really surprising how much was going on all around me.”

Tour de Coops for its last day of events in Boulder's countywide 'Eat Local Week' activities.

This growing trend across America of  urbansteaders for chickens, aquaponis and community gardening is a throwback to America's Victory Garden Days.  Much of it can certainly be attributed to economic troubles and the growing number of natural disasters but much of is also attributed to strengthening your local community.  See if there is a Tour de Coops in your area to learn more about raising chickens, and if there is not...organize one!!

There are many communities that do Tour de Coops including: Fort Collins, Portland Oregon, Boise Idaho, Laramie Wyoming, Bainbridge Island Washington, etc...


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