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the urban oasis: city parks

Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), an American social reformer and democrat, was the instigator of the design and creation of numerous central city parks and is considered the founder of landscape architecture. He was highly regarded as an environmental planner, and won the competition to design Central Park in New York. His concepts of landscape planning and design not only continued to develop, but were regarded as the standard in North America.

Olmsted’s his claim to fame: woods, fields and water. These features became the principles of urban landscaping, designed to offer the practice of leisure and the rediscovery of nature, as a counter current to the chaotic nature of cities.

One could argue that early city planners for Boulder Colorado followed Olmsted’s great accomplishments in landscape architecture by making Chautauqua, Flatirons Park and various other parks around our small city the central focus to life and well being here. The continuous purchasing of open space makes this such an outdoor oriented and pleasant place to reside. These pictures offer some proof to the tranquility.

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