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the nomadic museum for ashes and snow: gregory colbert

The Nomadic Museum is the permanent travelling home of Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow documentary. Gregory Colbert originally conceived of the idea for a sustainable travelling museum in 1999. He envisioned a sustainable structure that could easily be assembled in ports around the world, providing a transitory environment for Ashes and Snow on its global journey.

The first public installation of Ashes and Snow at the Arsenale in Venice, which opened in 2002, inspired the aesthetics and architectural concepts for such a museum. The first Nomadic Museum - realised by the architect Shigeru Ban - was constructed of 152 steel cargo containers, stacked 34 feet high and combined with largely recyclable and reusable materials to form the structural elements. In its most recent configuration, the museum occupied 5,300-square meters containing two galleries and three distinct theatres.

Inside, visitors entered the gallery space via a central wooden walkway bordered on either side by stone-filled bays over which the unframed artworks were hung from thin cables and suspension rods installed between the columns. Above, handmade curtains made of one million pressed paper tea bags from Sri Lanka were suspended from the ceiling, floating 40 feet above the floor. The Nomadic Museum opened in New York and has subsequently migrated to Santa Monica, Tokyo and Mexico City. Colbert will continue to collaborate with innovative architects to integrate the most recent advances in sustainable architecture.

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    the museum’s Mexico City exhibit ended in 2008, I have been very curious about where it will go next though! I would love to see it some day. One of my favorite movies.

    Comment by Laura | 05.28.10

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Comment by admin | 05.28.10

    this is a cool reuse, but what kind of carbon footprint is created from moving it around? Just wondering.

    Comment by gaetana | 07.05.10

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