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dow solar: photovoltaic roof shingles

Dow Solar Solutions has launched a new range of BIPV system that will be great for all those who don’t… continue

energy efficient refrigerator

The Ice Cool Fridge by Daniel Mason is showing what future appliances might be like. The refrigerator stores cooling power… continue

solar powered magnesium refining system

Oceans contain about 1800 trillion tons of magnesium, which if refined can be used to meet the world’s energy needs… continue


16 inventions

16 Inventions That Boost Habitats, Humanity, Health and Happiness.

engineering giants go green

With positive business forecasts for profit in the green sector, some of the biggest U.S. engineering companies are moving toward… continue

energy back to the grid: google

Google has made its commitment to clean energy known–the company has made more than $10.5 million in goethermal energy investments… continue