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smith and coates: recycled cashmere

The Smith and Coates children’s collection is made from felted recycled cashmere by Sarah Coates. Adult sweaters are beautifully transformed into… continue

recycled sweater wool felt wreath

One of my favorite holiday creations that I made this year were mostly by accident. I felted a ton of… continue

stella neptune: recycled cashmere

Stella Neptune is a line made exclusively from recycled cashmere. The designs are hand screen print recycled cashmere appliques and hand… continue

nui organics: kids winter line

Nui Organics cute hooded jacked from superfine merino wool.

limited edition: belgian rugs

Gorgeous designs and variation from Limited Edition wool rugs Belgium. Each line they offer is bright, creative and textural –inspired by… continue

pluckyfluff: hand spinning revolution

Pluckyfluff is the creative brainchild of pioneering hand yarn spinner Lexi Boeger from Placerville, California. The recipient of a bachelor’s… continue