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gemstones: pink tourmaline

People are generally defined by subjective categories of eco conscious, vegan (see fiftyRX3 rant), meat eater, treehugger crystal enthusiasts, etc….. continue

pangea organic skincare

Pangea Organic Skincare, which hails from Boulder Colorado, has made leaps and bounds lately in their industry. Winning best product… continue

meditation mandalas: art for well being

Mandalas are geometric patterns representing the greater cosmos metaphysically & symbolically, basically a microcosm of the universe from a human… continue

lookin pa nub? looking for love?

Excuse the Eddie Murphy reference, but are you looking for love? Vegetarian style? Well then the Veggie Connection worldwide personals… continue

nature girl-rich hippie

Organic skincare is a pleasure your body should always receive…no harsh chemicals, unnecessary preservatives, harsh fragrances, surfactants, etc. Rich Hippie… continue