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elderberry syrup :: winter wellness

  Gracious nearby neighbor Glynna allowed a massive harvesting of her very large elderberry bush. After cleaning, de-stemming, cooking down… continue

wildcrafting :: elderberry

In daily walks, I have discovered a cache of a giant elderberry bush (sambucus) completely dripping with the glorious medicinal… continue

pratima skincare: ayurveda

Pratima Skincare uses Ayurveda’s 5,000 year old tradition of herbs and other ingredients in their products. Each batch is handmade… continue

medicinal herb tincture: tutorial

So, I had no idea until a friend explained to me that making homemade medicinal tinctures from the herbs in… continue

ora ora eco resort spa: new zealand

A stay at OraOra Resort  inKerri Kerri New Zealand at their private villas would nurture you with organic gourmet meals with… continue

shambala mountain center: red feather, colorado

Shambala Mountain Center located just an hour or so north of Boulder is a Buddhist retreat that offers classes in… continue