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neon museum: vegas sign boneyard

The Neon Museum is where neon signs in Vegas go to… rest.photos via PS

new york digital library

Nydl has a wide variety of vintage images from out of print books, antique postcards and chromolithographs.

kirkland museum: denver colorado

The Kirkland Museum of Denver has a nationally important display of 20th-century decorative arts, with more than 3,300 works on… continue

mercer museum: doylestown pennsylvania

These pictures from my visit to the Mercer Museum in Bucks County Pennsylvania are two years old, but worth sharing…. continue

rehab vintage furniture

Rehab Vintage has a nice offering of vintage and repurposed furnishings.

brigids bags: refurbished bowlers

Brigid meticulously restores old doctors bags and bowlers better than their original state. Each unique bag is transformed by cleaning,… continue