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looptworks: upcycled device sleeves

Looptworks manufactures 100% Upcycled Neoprene cases for all your tech devices. The material for the sleeves was rescued from a wetsuit… continue

repurposed jackets: joodito

Joodito is a Boston clothing designer, who uses weathered textiles as the raw material for her futuristic aesthetic. Joodito garments are repurposed from salvaged… continue

nina sampsel: felt creations

Denverite Nina Sampsel is a wizard-ess with reclaimed wool. She whips up fanciful, storybook objects from every form of the recycled… continue

todo reciclados: recycled textile jewelry

Marcela Muniz and Valeria Hasse of Todo Reciclados craft the most fabulous jewelry from found bits and objects. Their textile… continue

tinctory: naturally dyed vintage fabric jewelry

Tinctory are brilliant fairy-like jewelry designs by Eva a Czech designer living in the UK. Using fabric manipulation she folds vintage… continue

matieres a reflexion: recycled handbags

Matieres a Reflexion a French company has created a lovely collection of totes and satchels resewn together from surplus leathers and… continue