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simple shoes: eco children’s line

Simple Shoes has debuted their eco shoe line for babies and toddlers for Fall 2010. The colorful line uses eco-certified… continue

naya shoes: eco conscious manufacturing

Naya Shoes are eco-consciously made from chrome-free & vegetable-tanned leathers, organic & sustainable fabrics, nickel free buckles, heels made from… continue

form & fauna: eco shoes

Form & Fauna shoes use non-toxic biodegradable Italian synthetics, bamboo, organic hemp, recycled fiber insoles and water based glues in… continue

form and fauna: vegan shoes

Form & Fauna makes synthetic leather vegan shoes.

cocolico shoes

Coclico Footwear is a small, independent, designer shoe brand produced in Spain. Based in New York, some Cocolico shoes incorporate… continue

nancy dong: eco footwear founder

Nancy Dong, is the founder and designer of Kailia Footwear and Do-Ni. The footwear company’s are dedicated to making shoes… continue