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freidemann buhler: wooden bowls

Friedemann Bühler’s thin-walled bowls and vases are of wood collected from forests near his house. He carefully selects the best… continue

decorated nests: avian textile artists

I love seeing what bits of string and thread that birds deam special enough to include in their nests. Scientists… continue

regis mayot: plastic mines

Regis Mayot‘s mines are small scale light sculptures he creates from dissected, salvage plastic bottles and jugs. The illuminated objects… continue

recycled garden art

Nature’s Nest Farm Art Festival and Farmer’s Market via Junk Market Style.

kate mcguire: feather art

London based Kate McGuire uses pigeon feathers in her unique art forms. Feathers in great numbers create vivid pieces of artwork… continue

clare graham: artist and recycling guru

Sometimes I love an artist so much that I want to keep them just for myself, but alas, I have… continue