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ting london: modular floor tiles: recycled belts

Ting London has a brilliant new product out using their recycled leather belts. The group of designers recently introduced the… continue

maude decor: organic shaped rugs

Fun organic shaped rug by designer Patricia Baun of Canada by Maude Decor.

marie louise rug: haute crocheted area rug

This rug by Marie Louise from Sweden, looks like an enormous pot holder. Fantastic.

bamboo rug: eco fiber homewares

Shag rugs made from renewable bamboo fibers backed with cotton at Re-modern.

catherine david: faux hide rug

Love this not hide–rug by Catherine David Designs.

haute home: mansour modern: naturally dyed wool carpets

Mansour Modern creates captivating wool rug designs using natural dyes. With rhythmic patterns and lines resulting in a rather architectural… continue