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recycled blue jeans: rug

Old blue jeans can look fantastic once again, proven by Crazy as a Loom with these rewoven area rugs that… continue

heart rocks: found decor

Collecting shaped rocks is quite addictive–while taking your next quiet stroll, assuming it is not snowing in your area-meander along… continue

limited edition: belgian rugs

Gorgeous designs and variation from┬áLimited Edition wool rugs Belgium. Each line they offer is bright, creative and textural –inspired by… continue

kymo: reassembled mashup rugs

The Mashup rugs by Kymo modernize oriental carpets by upcycling worn ones, reassembling them in a gorgeous compilation with a… continue

rug rag: thick flotaki wool rugs

Handmade with heavy dense New Zealand Wool, in a wide array of sizes, shapes, colors and and designs. Rug Rags

john male: animal friendly animal rug

John Male is on the animal friendly front with this inventive non-animal hide rug. I love that designers like Sean… continue