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Reinvented Paint by Number & Record Cover Art

  I made several collage on board by repurposing some kitsch mid-century paint by number paintings. Others were made by… continue

local artisans: resource woodworks

Resource Woodworks, a branch of the Center for Resource Conservation in Boulder gathers salvage materials from deconstructed homes that are… continue

emma ware: recycled inner tube jewelry

  It is incredibly difficult to work with recycled materials and have the end result be something chic and exciting… continue

afterglow studio: andrew schulman

My friend Andy Schulman is a bit of a lighting genius. Each one of his creations looks like he was… continue

marc sparfel: wooden furniture animals

Don’t throw that chair out, it could become a piece of art! Really interesting furniture remnant animals created by Marc Sparfel. … continue

jamison sellers: recycled & reclaimed furniture

The Rhode Island designer/craftsman, Jamison Sellers salvages old wooden pallets, turning them into furniture and shelving that are modern and… continue