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bennett goodman: recycled furniture

Bennett Goodman of The Inner Peace, reassembles vintage pieces for nice salvage furniture. His reuse is accessible, retro and fun. Such… continue

reclaimed flooring: vintage wine barrels

Fontenay Mills’ Vintage Barrel Collection offers discarded wine barrels in three distinct wood flooring products. The Stave is taken from the outside… continue

vintage renewal: denver re-upholstery

Jeanne Connolly is the Indie Furniture Re-designer for Vintage Renewal. Vintage Renewal is a green furniture boutique that reinvigorates classic… continue

shannon koszyk: recycled jewelry

Seattle Jewelry designer Shannon Koszyk creates stunning vintage pieces that are one-of-a-kind from vintage medals and coins.  Her collection also includes hand cut… continue

greenhouses from old windows

Its chilly outside now, even during the day. I long for the motivation to shop for vintage windows and construct… continue

cristina covello: recycled design

Cristina Covello is a sustainably minded designer, incorporating recycled wood into her functional objects. Her interests in culture and craft… continue