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I think I’ve always been a foodie. It must have been my moms huge organic garden when I was little…. continue

foody fridays: springtime quiche

One of the first things to come up in my garden in the spring is chard (because I have covered… continue

elderberry syrup :: winter wellness

  Gracious nearby neighbor Glynna allowed a massive harvesting of her very large elderberry bush. After cleaning, de-stemming, cooking down… continue

homemade gourmet popsicles

For the hot weather, I am going to start experimenting with my lonely, unused since last year popsicle molds. You… continue

fresher than snow cones

Since the weather is really chilly all the sudden, I can only think of all the hot days that have… continue

damson plum jam: foody fridays

Harvest Season is here! I am preparing to make my annual Damson Plum Jam from plum trees in the backyard…. continue