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recycled climbing rope

  Climbing ropes have a shelf life and become unsafe at some point to continue mountaineering with. Fortunately there are… continue

d.i.y. wednesday: cardboard hack: two story cat climber

These are pictures are of a two story cat climber that I just created using two of the same size… continue

frederik roije: breed retreat: henhouse

Frederik Roije’s new ‘Breed Retreat’ architectural wooden hen house, Netherlands. This makes me want backyard urban chickens!

my cats need a new cave

My cats need a ‘Katzenhoehle’, or cat cave. Each is handmade of felted wool by German artist Dornroeschen Filzunikate. They… continue

patchwork wool pet bed

This adorable patchwork pet bed makes me want to get sewing!

natural tree furniture for your pets

Assuming you have all the space in the world in your home–the Natural Tree Furniture for cats may be right… continue