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natural spiral biomimicry :: jay harmon

Everything in nature moves to a pattern of the spiral, why not harness this within our designs. This is exactly… continue

elderberry syrup :: winter wellness

  Gracious nearby neighbor Glynna allowed a massive harvesting of her very large elderberry bush. After cleaning, de-stemming, cooking down… continue

wildcrafting :: elderberry

In daily walks, I have discovered a cache of a giant elderberry bush (sambucus) completely dripping with the glorious medicinal… continue

the urban oasis: city parks

Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), an American social reformer and democrat, was the instigator of the design and creation of numerous… continue

jordi rabal :: more natural birdhouse

Jordi Rabal’s birdhouse project is focused on the new design for a birdhouse based on the customization by the user… continue

first denver county fair

So excited to go to the First Annual Denver County Fair this July 28-31st. This won’t be your grandmothers County… continue