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naya shoes: eco conscious manufacturing

Naya Shoes are eco-consciously made from chrome-free & vegetable-tanned leathers, organic & sustainable fabrics, nickel free buckles, heels made from… continue

boulder landmarks of the future tour: logan-wiggins

Recently, the Boulder Historic Society organized a ‘Landmarks of the Future’ tour. ┬áThe most compelling home on the tour from… continue

straw bale architecture: sustainable buildings

Building with straw bales is a sustainable renewable method of building green. Straw-bale construction has some advantages over conventional building… continue

bottle houses: building with recyclables

Bottle Houses seem to be primarily an American phenomena, but they are catching on around the world as a very… continue

the andean collection: natures jewels

The Andean Collection jewelry line is a fair trade company making baubles from natural materials like Tagua Nuts, Acai seeds,… continue

stone forest: dreaming of stone bathtubs

Stone Forest knows the way to my heart! These tubs almost make you believe you are at a hotsprings.