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meka world: prefab shipping containers

A Meka prefab house can be finished in an amazing 7 days because they use shipping containers as the basis for… continue

terhi tolvanen: contemporary jewelry

Amsterdam based, Finnish born contemporary jewelry designer Terhi Tolvanen is hands down my favorite. Her jewelry often incorporates wood pieces… continue

reclaimed flooring: vintage wine barrels

Fontenay Mills’ Vintage Barrel Collection offers discarded wine barrels in three distinct wood flooring products. The Stave is taken from the outside… continue

good night green: crib mattress

Nook presents the world’s most considered infant mattress, the Pebble. A unique air layer fosters oxygen flow inside the mattress,… continue

mushrooms as building materials

Philip Ross, an artist, an inventor and a seriously obsessed amateur mycologist, is studying fungi’s thin, white rootlike mycelium fibers…. continue

time lapse: bamboo house assembly

warning** you might want to turn the music down on this time lapse video.