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recycled lighting: studio kleefstra

Designed and handmade in the Netherlands, this Ping-pong lamp is made of 315 standard 40mm celluloid table tennis balls. The… continue

recycled lighting: lucy slivinski

Lucy Slivinski, a sculptor in Chicago, is the creative designer behind these magnificent chandeliers. Slivinski fashioned these lighting fixtures out… continue

stainless front loader: diy chandelier

Friends of mine in Boulder have constructed this lovely chandelier from a stainless steel washing machine drum. It really has… continue

marin camille hood: bicycle chandeliers

Oakland artist Marin Camille-Hood has a penchant for reuse with her recycled bicycle part chandeliers.  The larger piece made from many… continue

es ontwerp: recycled furniture

Es.ontwerp is unique and small series of furniture and accessories head by Simone Romanow (1975, Germany) who graduated in 2000 at… continue

recycled china: lamp how to

Swedish tutorial for creating your own recycled tea time lamp from teapots and cups at Mixr Sweden.