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michael wolke: cardboard lamp

German designer Michael Wolke  creates this amazing line of recycled pendant lighting. His Beute Lamp is hand-made from discarded cardboard Available in two… continue

lee broom :: recycled decanter light

Glass decanters lighting created by designer Lee Broom for London bar Coquine. They look so elegant and give off a… continue

michael wolke :: recycled pendants

  Michael Wolke of Germay designed the large and in charge Beute pendant lamps from discarded cardboard.

led mushroom lights

The most amazing led mushroom lights by Great Mushrooming made of glass, LED lights and found wood.

lane patterson :: recycled lighting

  Lane Patterson creates fantastic lighting using old recycled objects and transforms them into figural sculptures, functional sculptural lamps and fountains…. continue

laura cahill: recycled books

UK’s Laura Cahill began using second hand books after doing research into common unwanted objects. One of the most common unwanted… continue