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dawes design: recycled gold jewelry

Jennifer Dawes crafts her exquisite line of jewelry at her home and studio in Sonoma County, California. Dawes Design jewelry… continue

favor: environmentally friendly jewelry

Monika Reed designs and produces all parts of Favor Jewelry in Portland, Oregon, to support the local economy. She uses gemstones and… continue

kathleen nowak tucci: recycled inner tube jewelry

Eco-artist Kathleen Nowak Tucci of My Sister’s Art recycles rubber materials into couture creations. Her recycled jewelry was recently featured… continue

little fly: paper jewelry

Little Fly jewelry is made by laminating hundreds sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss. The… continue

upcycled computer jewelry

Upcycled Jewelry made from computer circuit boards and xrays.

jenny gaynor: recycled glass jewelry

Jenny Gaynor of Los Angeles, makes handmade pieces of jewelry and art. She uses her experience apprenticing with glass artists in… continue