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algae fuels: butanol

  A team of chemical engineers at the University of Arkansas has developed a method for converting common algae into… continue

latro algae lamp: mike thompson

The Latro lamp is another product out of Netherlands design school Eindhoven from industrial designer¬†Mike Thompson.¬†Using living algae, Thompson is… continue

paul stamets: mycromediation in the gulf

Since the oil in the Gulf keeps spilling we need to think of more creative and innovative methods for ‘bio-remediation’…. continue

engineering giants go green

With positive business forecasts for profit in the green sector, some of the biggest U.S. engineering companies are moving toward… continue

13 new solar plants in the west

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Senator Harry Reid announce plans to fast-track commercial-scale solar power development on public lands. Federal… continue

samsung bio plastic phpne: plant-based alternative

Samsung is making headway with its new Reclaim, a phone made from over 80% recycled materials. The slider phone is… continue