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the hemptress: haute handbags go green

The Hemptress, a smart eco fashionable handbag company out of Los Angeles, launched this January with sustainability and eco mindfulness… continue

form & fauna: eco shoes

Form & Fauna shoes use non-toxic biodegradable Italian synthetics, bamboo, organic hemp, recycled fiber insoles and water based glues in… continue

hemp couture: sustainable eco fashion

In modern times, industrial hemp has been used for paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food, and fuel. In the… continue

heather heron: travel bags

Repurposed Weekender Nomad Travel bag by Heather Heron constructed from recycled army fabric.

hemp snowboard jacket by holden

Great winter snowboarding jacket at Hempest from Holden.

haute hemp hoodie: the hempest

Cute hemp hoodie at The Hempest