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freidemann buhler: wooden bowls

Friedemann Bühler’s thin-walled bowls and vases are of wood collected from forests near his house. He carefully selects the best… continue

gradations & hues: current decor obsession

Love a rainbow. Love hues of one color. There needs to be more gradations in my life and in my… continue

metal textile jewelry: pawel kaczynski

Polish jewelry designer Pawel Kaczynski pays special attention to the design of closures and metal mesh in these unique sculptural pieces.

art of hair weaving

Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir was the hair designer behind Bjorks Album cover art, Medulla Type. Arnardóttir was inspired by a Victorian memory… continue

julie evans & ajay sharma: mini paintings

New York-based artist Julie Evans and Indian miniaturist Ajay Sharma have collaborated on a series of art work entitled ‘FeatherDarkCloud’…. continue

textile jewelry: fanny crenn

UK’s Fanny Crenn incorporates portions of leather gloves, fabrics, ephemera, beads, and other found objects transforming them into one of… continue