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ciclus: recycled leather office bag

Spanish design firm Ciclus Barcelona creates accessories, jewelry and fashion from 100% recycled materials.

harvey’s seat belt bags

Harvey’s seat belt bags was started in March 1997 by husband and wife team, Dana and Melanie Harvey. While installing seatbelts… continue

temple bags: recycled army fabric

Made for adventure and meant to travel Temple Bags are lovingly reconstructed from re-used canvas.

wooly bison: recycled wool pendleton bags

Wooly Bison makes recycled bags and satchels from vintage Pendleton wool materials. They are hand crafted in Seattle from recycled suit… continue

re-collect: repurposed inner tube bags

Re-Collect from Brighton UK hand sews bags with an industrial chic aesthetic. Their offerings include messengers, handbags, laptop sleeves, etc…. continue

alexia hollinger: recycled fabric handbags

Alexia Hollinger has been dabbling in recycled materials with her handbag line from Paris. Alexia has smartly morphed her silk-scarf… continue