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ampersand as apostrophe: repurposed mail bag

Ampersand As Apostrophe bags are handmade from an 100 year old English Mailbag. Each bag is unique with varied patina,… continue

teich handbags: eco textiles

Teich bags incorporates natural hemp canvas, vintage leathers and  organic cotton twill lining into their creations.

della bags: ghana

Della is a Los Angeles based company that produces bags and wallets that literally “carry change.” Each product is hand made with… continue

recycled handbags: edwina

Edwina Reinspired, are bohemian style totes made with fabric remnants in Burlingame California. Each one-of-a-kind bag is made lovingly with… continue

blauvent: recycled nylon bags

Blauvent Bags are limited edition totes made from disassembled hand glider fabric and components. The fashion forward, recycled accessories are handmade… continue

matieres a reflexion: recycled handbags

Matieres a Reflexion a French company has created a lovely collection of totes and satchels resewn together from surplus leathers and… continue