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smart glass chandeliers: kathleen plate

New chandeliers from Smart Glass by jewelry and lighting designer Kathleen Plate use recycled glass as a medium for their brilliance…. continue

jenny gaynor: recycled glass jewelry

Jenny Gaynor of Los Angeles, makes handmade pieces of jewelry and art. She uses her experience apprenticing with glass artists in… continue

paul schwieder: art glass

Paul Schwieder has studied his medium internationally, attending schools in Canada, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. He has taught in… continue

yava: recycled glasses & jewelry from soda bottles

Yava Glass is the husband and wife team Shawn and Brenda Fletcher, who turn discarded soda bottles into new glassware and… continue

vintage glass vases: modernity sweden

Luscious vintage decorative arts can be found at Modernity a Swedish dealer of antique and vintage design objects. These glass… continue

andy paiko glass

I am blown away..no glass jokes intended. I am now officially in love with glass designs from Andy Paiko.  His… continue