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greg hatton: repurposed furniture

h Melbourne’s Greg Hatton is quite a talented furniture maker and recycler. All of his work is constructed from found and… continue

top 20 diy projects of 2010

ReadyMade Magazine has just come out with their top 20 do-it-yourself projects for 2010. My favorites are the Recycled Wood… continue

recycled furniture: tom price

‘Meltdown’ chairs by Tom Price is made by heating and fusing together common plumbing tubes, clothing, polypropylene sheets, PVC rope… continue

argington: sustainable furniture for children

Jenny Argie and Andrew Thornton, the husband and wife design team behind Argington, bring a modern sensibility to nurseries and… continue

pfeifer studio: sustainable furniture

Beautiful solid wood & sustainable side tables from Pfeifer Studio.

april hannah: sustainable furniture

Cast concrete collection and a newly launched eco-friendly furniture line for children and adults by artist and designer April Hannah…. continue