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heart rocks: found decor

Collecting shaped rocks is quite addictive–while taking your next quiet stroll, assuming it is not snowing in your area-meander along… continue

shell grotto mosaics: margate, england

Shell Grotto was discovered by farmer James Newlove on his property in 1835 when he and his son Joshua found… continue

decorated nests: avian textile artists

I love seeing what bits of string and thread that birds deam special enough to include in their nests. Scientists… continue

steve mcpherson: found object art

Radial arrangements for found marine plastic art by Steve McPherson at From Where You Are

robert hudson: assemblage sculpture

Robert Hudson part of the Funk movement that overtook Bay Area art in the ‘60s, is again at work after an art hiatus… continue

license plate art: aaron foster

A native of Northern California, Aaron Foster a television host has a recycling hobby of using scrap metal license plates turning… continue