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wildcrafting :: elderberry

In daily walks, I have discovered a cache of a giant elderberry bush (sambucus) completely dripping with the glorious medicinal… continue

the preserving begins!

    The abundant cherry tree in front is exploding with bowls and bowls of scrumptious sour cherries. Besides freezing… continue

the way we see the world: edible cups

  The Way We See The World has created a line of edible cups that add life to parties and events… continue

cucina urbana: farm to table

Cucina Urbana in Bankers Hill San Diego has just as inspiring farmhouse decor as fresh delicious cuisine. Their modern country… continue

too haute: designer watermelons

Not eco in any way–except maybe saving room in your refrigerator, its just that a $500 watermelon is so haute… continue

u.n.: eat less meat to curb global warming

From an article in the Guardian Newspaper from the UK: “People should have one meat-free day a week if they… continue