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kolding denmark: wastewater recycling

I have toured to The Kolding Pyramid, an urban renewal project on Jutland Denmark, a fantastic site. An early predecessor… continue

u.n.: eat less meat to curb global warming

From an article in the Guardian Newspaper from the UK: “People should have one meat-free day a week if they… continue

sea ranch: early environmentalism

In 1963, a development group from Hawaii purchased nearly ten miles of Pacific Ocean coastline 105 miles north of San… continue

earth protect: environmental videos for change

Earth Protect is a website hosting videos about action for change for a number of global concerns like this one… continue

san francisco green map

The global Green Map movement, developed first by Wendy Brawer for New York City 15 years ago to encourage environmental… continue

plastic in the ocean: floating wasteland

Scientists refer to it as the “Eastern Garbage Patch,” the largest dump in the world is in a desolate area… continue