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elder co-housing: spreading retirement concept

As baby boomers turn 60, many are beginning to plan how they will spend their golden years. Many will shun… continue

engineering giants go green

With positive business forecasts for profit in the green sector, some of the biggest U.S. engineering companies are moving toward… continue

13 new solar plants in the west

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Senator Harry Reid announce plans to fast-track commercial-scale solar power development on public lands. Federal… continue

samsung bio plastic phpne: plant-based alternative

Samsung is making headway with its new Reclaim, a phone made from over 80% recycled materials. The slider phone is… continue

time lapse of change on earth

Time lapse videos of environmental changes-more at Wired.

coal is the culprit

Maybe your old truck isn’t responsible for destroying the planet after all. New climate change scenarios quantify the idea that… continue