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haute news: the mini is going electric

BMW will introducing an electric version of its iconic MINI at the November LA Auto Show. Equipped with a 572-pound… continue

era: electric raceabout sportscar

The Electric RaceAbout (ERA) is designed for the latest technology in electric powertrain and battery systems, as well as light-weight… continue

castagna electric fiat 500

The brand new Fiat 500 Tender Two by Castagna is an attempt to recreate the fiat powering it with a… continue

electric mini for 2009: haute autos

Yes, I love minis–I have always wanted an electric version having seen some conversions on youtube. Unfortunately only 500 of… continue

zap cars: haute electric

I love these cute little Zap Cars-I cannot wait for them to come out with the Zap X and the… continue

electric cars: mullen motors

The all-electric, 120 mph L1X-75 GT from Mullen Motor Company and Hybrid Technologies Inc. The L1X-75 GT costs $125,000, has… continue