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diy salvage ideas

I am very excited to have just received a subscription to Sunset, especially with all the new modern ideas that… continue

cranberry pumpkin muffins

Just made these Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins, and I love them–super easy recipe and the turn out delicious. 2 cups unbleached… continue

imagenations: repurposed globes

Remade and reinvigorated old globes atĀ ImageNations give thrift store relics a new life for a playful decor. them with recycled… continue

firefly handmade: boulder’s first indie craft show

So thrilled to be a vendor at the first annualĀ Firefly Handmade indie craft show in Boulder this December. Yes, our… continue

recycled halloween costumes: susan lenz

I stopped dead in my search tracks when I spotted the creative zeitgeist of remade that is Susan Lenz. I… continue

recycled costume initiative: mother nature network

More recycled costume inspiration with this recycled version a Victorian gown made of cardboard, plastic bags, empty bottles, old batteries… continue