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modern still life: diy project

Follow these very simple instructions at The Bulb Project for a modern art take on spring blooms! Instructions: 1. Go… continue

recycled doily d.i.y. projects

To me a vintage doily has so much character and history in it’s stitches. I love how each one is… continue

recycled magazine: d.i.y. gift bows

Creative wrapping can always take a gift to the next level, it shows that you put a bit more thought… continue

bathtub planter reuse

Beginning to wonder just how many claw foot bath tubs are living out the rest of their material lives here… continue

recycled magazine ideas

Periodicals, catalogs and other junk mail can be reduced by visiting Direct Marketing Choice and opting out. If you do… continue

top 20 diy projects of 2010

ReadyMade Magazine has just come out with their top 20 do-it-yourself projects for 2010. My favorites are the Recycled Wood… continue