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a collection a day 2010: lisa congdon

Favorites from Lisa Congdon’s ‘A Collection a Day‘ blog that she created for 365 days of 2010. Blogs with a… continue

frank russell: assemblage artist

Frank Russell works a little magic with discarded metal. Amazing animals come to life with a bit of finessing of… continue

brooke schmidt: altered book art

Fantastic little treasures inside the covers of altered book sculptures by Brooke Schmidt. Besides creating art, Brooke is also an… continue

brian dettmer: book autopsies

Brian Dettmer is a master at altering media. WIth his book series, he removes sections and pages of books, excavating… continue

assemblage art hippo

Mantiques Modern scrap metal hippo.

reclaim to fame: recycled art objects

Reclaim to Fame, objects and art made from recycled materials by Will Wagenaar.