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carla sonheim: playful creativity

Carla Sonheim Artist and IllustratorĀ Carla Sonheim is the author of “Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to… continue

darcy miro: jewelry treasures

Darcy Miro’s jewelry creations are created using casting methods with sterling silver or 18-karat gold. Her pieces emerge from wax… continue

paul schwieder: art glass

Paul Schwieder has studied his medium internationally, attending schools in Canada, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. He has taught in… continue

inframe tv: documentary shorts

InFrame.tv is a documentary based vodcast produced in Melbourne, Australia profiling & explore original Australian and international talent working in… continue

jim henson legacy: smithsonian exhibition

A touring exhibit presented by The Jim Henson Legacy and The Smithsonian Institution is on view at the Smithsonian International… continue

kako ueda: fine, delicate art

Paper cutout work is so delicate and lovely, this is especially true of the work of Kako Ueda, who is… continue