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suuthe by mari: skin relief for eczema

Many people have their dirty little skin secret; their psoriasis or their eczema that they just don't want to show let alone talk about. But there are answers to these painful and irritating skin conditions. Local Boulder company Suuthe, manufactures 100% natural products for almost any skin issue you or a family member may have. Originally created for babies with diaper rash and eczema, the formulas are gentle and strong for adults as well.

The brand takes a very holistic approach also offering probiotics, recognizing that nutrition can make as equally great an impact as topical salves and creams. Suuthe offers Skin Repair, Body Butter, Lip Balms, Facial Moisterizer, Pure Shea Butter & Pure Emu Oil products.

Just some of the skin issues that Suuthe products are effective in relieving are: eczema+psoriasis, diaper rash, dry cracked skin, scrapes+cuts, bumps+bruises, after sun+sunburn, 1st+2nd degree burns, stings+insect bites, newborn+ baby skin issues, aging+wrinkled skin, sensitive+painful skin, red itchy skin, scars+ stretch marks, post surgical care for wounds and scars and much more....

If you'd like a free sample of Suuthe products, call their customer service and mention HauteNature. Or if you'd like to go ahead and purchase a product from them enter code HAUTE on their site at checkout to receive a 20% discount on your entire order. They are also having a Valentines Day 20% off promotion on their site.

Your skin will thank you.

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    Suuth is a fabulous company, I’ve tried all their products and have LOVED every single one of them! Do your skin a favor – try them out if you haven’t!!

    Comment by Lisa Barnstrom | 01.31.11

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