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sust: sustainable organic eco fashion label

SUST organic cotton clothing  was founded by Tristan Gribbin and Marion McKee who had a vision of creating an ethical, organic clothing line that would allow them to give back to their communities and express their love for their youth in San Francisco.

In 2007, the girls reunited for a birthday weekend in California and SUST was born: an ecologically and socially savvy line of clothing that is casual, simple and wearable.

SUST supports the growing movement toward conscious clothing by building a design label that uses only organically grown cotton. The creation of a high quality essential organic cotton line encourages sustainable farming practices for the health of ecological systems, agricultural workers, our communities, our children and our world. Their line helps in the preservation of common resources, the importance of healthy water, air and soil.

SUST works with local manufacturers and the highest quality US grown organic cotton, reducing the impacts of its production process and lessening its carbon footprint.

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