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strawbale cabin: aata arquitectos

Chilean Architecture AATA Arquitectos designed this two level straw bale cabin in the remote Licancheu region, far from construction materials.

Optimally solar oriented for both windows and structure, the cabin has a natural low energy consumption. The green roof, allows heat to leave the space more naturally. Window placement allows abundant sun light in the interior in winter and a crossed flow of air to ventilate it in summer.

Walls are straw bales stuccoed in mud, giving its high thermal efficiency and an abundant local material of the site area. Straw bales are protected from the rain by plates of transparent polycarbonate and zinc.



    My next house in 2 years will be like this. I like the idea of those cubed houses, very practical and efficient in many ways.
    Very cool design!

    Franziska San Pedro

    Comment by Franziska San Pedro | 02.04.11

    I would love to see the inside and how they decided to decorate such a small space!

    Comment by Whitney | 02.28.11

    This house is absolutely amazing, but what happens when it rains?

    Comment by Viktoria | 06.15.11

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